PixPix Image Editor For Shopify Stores

Easy way to edit product images

Edit your product images with a rich and simple to use images editor, with instant changes saving in your Shopify store.

Install on your store
  • Crop & Resize

    Crop & Resize

    Resize images to an exact pixel size, or to an aspect ratio while keeping the image quality.

  • Change Orientation

    Change Image Orientation

    Rotate by an angle or apply a mirror transformation to get your image to the right orientation.

  • Color & Lightning

    Color & Lightning

    Enhance your image colors and lightning.

  • Remove Watermark

    Remove Watermark

    Drawing pencil allow you to remove any watermark or logo from your images.

Live Demo

You can try the images editor directly on your browser before install the app on your Shopify store.


Step by Step Install

  • Step 1

    Visit our login page

  • Step 2

    Enter your Shopify store link in the format: example.myshopify.com

  • Step 3

    Shopify will ask you if you want to install the app, accept to start using it!

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