PixPix Image Editor For Your Shopify Stores

Edit your product images with a rich and simple to use images editor, with instant changes saving in your Shopify store.


Powerful Image Editors

Crop, resize and do more to any Product image with two images editors

Simple Interface

Lightweight and simple interface to find the product and images you want to edit

Product Page Integration

Quickly access the product directly from Shopify product view

All tools you'll ever need

Resize & Crop your images

Resize images to an exact pixel size, or to an aspect ratio while keeping the image quality.

Adjust Color & Lightning

Enhance your image colors and lightning.

Remove Watermark

Drawing pencil allow you to remove any watermark or logo from your images.

just how important are images for e-commerce sites?

Images are one of the biggest factors which will impact upon a consumers purchase decision, get it right and you will secure the sale, but get it wrong and you will almost certainly miss out on sealing the deal.

Use PixPix to make your images better
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  • Unlimited image editing

  • No usage credits or hidden fees

  • Chrome Extension integration

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  • All free plan features

  • Fast image change saving

  • Bulk upload and delete of product images

  • Product images delete and reorder

  • Blog, Pages and Collections editing

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  • All Pro plan features

  • Automatic Images backup

  • Bulk Image Editing

  • Background Remover

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What other Shopify store owners are saying about PixPix Image Editor?

Reviews of our PixPix Image Editor app from other Shopify store owners, full review can be found on our Shopify App listing.

I was looking for an app which would let me crop and resize images within Shopify. I found PixPix. Now I can crop and resize product images directly in Shopify. It saved me a lot of time and now I don't need to leave Shopify and use an image editing software to edit the product images. On top of this, the price is very reasonable too. However, great work team for developing an app like this.


Shopify Store

I absolutely love this app! I use this app to crop and edit the images I use for my store. I was using an app PixPix and told them that we needed the ability to bulk delete from within a product. They said that is an easy add and it would be available by the next day. I woke up the next morning and they had answered the call! IT WORKS! No more deleting pics one at a time.

Framboise Fashions

Shopify Store

I used this app to brighten up my photos and do some quick, basic edits. It sucks that I now need an app outside of shopify to do this. Was much quicker when the option to make these minor changes to photos was allowed directly in the product section. This app is fast, free, and it works.

Bold Addictions

Shopify Store

Saved a lot of time on cropping images from products easy! Love it! Completely free, it's awesome to have. A little things I would improve (maybe a pro version): 1. Add an option to bulk edition 2. More options on the Shopify App front page. Thank you so much,

Unminced Words

Shopify Store

Great app - so simple yet effective. Perfectly replaces the photo editing that used to be included within Shopify. To date, no glitches or issues at all. Super happy thank you

Sweet Child of Mine

Shopify Store

After looking all over for an image editor that fits my needs I found this. This Is The Image Editor I Have Been Looking For! And It's Free! <3

Shop The Secret

Shopify Store

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